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Apollo Resources Corporation is a privately held company focused on iron projects in Brazil.

Apollo Resources currently owns 56,290 acres of mineral rights for iron distributed in six projects, five of which are in exploration stage while its Iron Quadrangle Project (“IQP”) is being developed towards an iron mine.

As its name indicates, IQP is located within the well-known Iron Quadrangle mining district, one of the premier iron producing regions in the world.
IQP, acquired by Apollo Resources in January 2021, is comprised of one mineral right with 641 acres located immediately adjacent to a producing iron mine from a global iron producing company.

During Q1/Q2 2021, Apollo Resources studied IQP with detailed drilling and trenching. In December 2021, BNA Mining Solutions, a premier geotechnical consultancy with Qualified Persons for Iron, prepared an initial NI 43-101 technical report. This report presents an estimate of 7.7 million tons of iron ore in inferred resources for the 10% of the IQP’s area which was studied.
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